Snowed In

8 Mar

It always snows at the worst times. Either it’s my day off and it snows or they call for a huge snow and I have to work. This time it was no different. I was off Tuesday, scheduled to work Wednesday and Thursday and the snow was expected to start Tuesday night. I’m the type of person that HATES to call off but if it snowed my car definitely wasn’t going to be able to get anywhere. Being in health care, they don’t care what is happening, you get NO days off and they expect you to be there for your shift, which is understandable.

I was planning on staying home Tuesday night but nope. My coworkers talked me into coming and spending the night so I’d be there for my shift Wednesday. It really wasn’t that bad. Administration had stocked us up on food and drinks and all my favorite people were there. Only one problem; they had only set up four air mattresses in an empty apartment but there was five of us sleeping over. 

Victoria and Meagan got stuck with the chatterbox kitchen lady and we really didn’t feel like listening to her stories all night so Karena and I grabbed two mattresses and moved them to the spa. After Karena got off work we hung out with the night nurse and decided to head back to the spa to chill for a while. When we got back there was only one mattress. I started fuming; the kitchen lady REALLY took my mattress!? Aw hell no. Karena heard my bitching for the rest of the night. We both agreed to stay up until 0700 when Victoria and Meagan had to start their shift and the night nurse, Jen, would be ending hers. We would use their mattresses and sleep until our shift. Around 0300 we were so tired we had to sleep. I used the mattress and poor Karena slept on the floor. 

Of course the cleaning lady came barging in at 0430 and woke me up. I woke up every hour after that because it was freezing cold in that room. Around 0700 I heard Meagan walk in, look around, and walk back out. “They only have one!” I heard her say. WELL DUH. MISS CHATTERBOX TOOK THE OTHER ONE. I kept thinking to myself…

Karena and I decided to move down to the empty apartment. I grabbed all my bags and as I walked into the shower where my work clothes were hanging, I noticed the MISSING MATTRESS propped up against the wall. Seriously? Victoria and Meagan decided to prank us for leaving them with the chatterbox and hid our mattress. HA. HA. 

Jen joined us in the apartment and we all went to sleep. At 1315 we hear knocks on the door. A very pissed off Jennifer answered the door, only to hear Meagan telling us that she ordered pizza and as the Domino’s guy was delivering it, he crashed into my boss and coworker. Everyone was being sent to the hospital. But Domino’s did agree to deliver the next three pizzas for free. What are the odds, right? 


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