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Ain’t No Other Man

23 Feb

The security I feel when I’m in your arms, that feeling I get when I look into your eyes, our heads pressed against each other, staring into your eyes… I just know. I know that you’re everything I need. I know that you’re the one. Nobody else compares to you and the things you do. We may not always agree on certain things but I have to admit, through it all you open my eyes to another view and help me understand the bigger picture.

Although it has been years, this is the beginning. The beginning of forever. We’ll go on this journey, this pursuit of happiness together; hand in hand, side by side. I won’t give up. All the highlights can’t even compare to what we have ahead of us. Just know I’ll never let another close to me; nobody will ever compete with you. I’d never jeopardize what we have and I can’t stress that enough. Just trust me.